Do I Need A Root Canal Treatment?



Many patients will have this question especially when they have sharp shooting pain and are unsure what the cause might be.

Not all teeth pain needs to be corrected by root canal treatment.  There are lots of different reasons why a patient might be having a tooth ache.  Sometimes, tooth ache can be caused by a cavity and a cleaning of the cavity and fillingcould help alleviate that pain.  However, if the cause of your teeth pain is serious decay or infection in the tooth pulp, you may need a root canal.

A root canal is a multi-step dental procedure that involves removing the infected tooth pulp (and sometimes the nerve) from a tooth, and sealing it to protect against future teeth pain.

The term “root canal” also refers to the actual passages within the tooth between the pulp and the tooth roots. The root canals contain nerves and blood vessels. Once an adult tooth has emerged from the gums, the tooth’s nerve doesn’t serve a specific purpose other than sensing heat, cold, and other stimuli. Removing a nerve in an infected tooth is part of a standard procedure to treat teeth pain caused by decay or infection in the tooth pulp. Risk factors for infection in the tooth pulp include severe tooth decay, trauma to the tooth, recent dental procedures, large fillings, and cracks or chips in the teeth.

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