Cosmetic Dentistry

Your dental health is the number one priority of your dentists at Charming Smile Dental, and they would also love for you to have full confidence that your smile will look its very best. If you are unhappy with your teeth’s appearance or your smile, come by and visit us. Modern cosmetic dentistry is now here and it offers a dental solution to almost any imperfection or flaw. Discuss and talk about your cosmetic plan with your Cosmetic Dentist Jersey City at Charming Smile Dental and we can come up with a perfect and comprehensive treatment plan for you!

Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is one of the simplest and most cost effective improvements you can make. Drugstore whitening kits may be easy to find and cheap, but nothing beats a professional whitening service.


Whenever you see a celebrity or a movie star with perfect teeth, you can bet there is a good chance that veneers were implemented to create that smile! A veneer is made of thin composite resin or porcelain and is attached to the front of the tooth. Veneers may also be used in correcting various other cosmetic issues such as improving the shape, size, length or the color of the tooth. A single or multiple veneer such as porcelain veeneers are available according to your cosmetic goals and preference.

Cosmetic Fillings

For fillings, there are two types of material used, which is composite resin or an amalgam. Both of them are effective fillings and are very safe to use, but there is a difference in cosmetic results. Amalgam is the traditional filling of choice, it is a metal that looks visible because its color is gray or silver and contrasts with the white of your tooth. Composite resins can be colored and modified to match the right shade of your tooth, hence, it makes the fillings look almost invisible to the observer. Composite resin fillings are highly recommended if the tooth that needs filling is in the front or is very visible when you talk or smile. For any existing amalgam fillings that you may have, they can be replaced with new composite resin fillings for a better overall look. You may opt in for resin fillings right away even if the current fillings are leaking or causing any other issues.

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Aside from all these exceptional services that we offer, we can also replace any missing teeth, provide you with quality dental implants, dental crowns, Invisalign, bridges, braces, Six month Smiles, and Six month braces. Your very first step in working towards that perfect smile that you have always dreamed about starts when you call or contact our office to arrange a consultation with the highly regarded Dr Singal, DDS. Your dentist will definitely listen and take note of your concerns and will craft that perfect personal treatment just for you!